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Travel and Treatment Options

Travel and Treatment Options

IVF Patients

Since our patients coming from different geographies and distant countries for IVF tourism are valuable and economically costly every day, necessary travel consultations are made before the treatment and finally their travel plan is made. The aim is to provide our patients with the right treatment plan at the right time and in the shortest time, both to maximize their chances of success and to minimize their stay as tourists. 

To this end, we will discuss a few treatment options and plans below.

Plan 1

You can come for your first interview, evaluation, examination and tests, you will be told about the plan and you can make your IVF treatment with the second trip. In this option, you don't have to come to our center twice at different times. On the first visit, the sperm of the male spouse is obtained and the necessary consent signatures are taken and it is enough for the female to come on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation to start treatment on the second arrival. In some cases, this option simplifies our couples' plans and also reduces costs.

Plan 2 

The treatment of the next month is planned by our nurses for our patients whose treatment options are finalized by Whatsapp, e-mail or online consultation. For this, our patient should inform our nurses on the first day of the menstruation cycle the month before she decide to come to our center. For this purpose, the contraceptive pill is started and the trip is planned to be in our center 3-4 days after the end of 21 contraceptive pills. This date can be determined approximately 25 days in advance and flight, hotel, transfer reservations can be made. IVF treatment starts on the 2nd Day of menstruation and ovo are grown for average 10 days using FSH injections and, On day 12, egg collection was performed and on 3 or 5 days of embryo development, blastocyst transfer is performed and the treatment is comnpleted in 17 days. Our patients can return to their countries after completing their IVF treatment during a journey of approximately 20 days.

IVF Treatment for Genetic Diagnosis and Screening (PGS-PGS/NGS/Tissue Compatible Sibling/Single gene diseases)

Blood samples from mother, father and, if any, sick children are required to be able to perform genetic set up studies for IVF patients with single gene disease or tissue compatible sibling. Therefore, Plan 1 for IVF is appropriate for these patients. First of all, travel is required for blood analysis, genetic setup studies, consultation and treatment planning, and then in vitro fertilization is done by applying Plan 2 according to the setup results. However, since the embryos will be subjected to genetic examination and frozen after egg collection in these treatments, patients can return to their countries immediately without embryo transfer. In other words, the in vitro fertilization treatment lasts for about 14 days. According to the results of genetic analysis, frozen embryo transfer plan which is described below is applied to our patients.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Patients

It is planned as a preparatory treatment for the transfer of frozen embryos, whether for All Freeze (Uterine Resting, or all of the embryos obtained in Plan 2 without transferring in young patients with a high risk of OHSS) or Genetic (PGT / NGS). For this purpose, our patients are provided with the necessary medicines for their future treatment, so that they can take with them to their countries so that they do not have difficulty in obtaining the medicines for their treatment in their countries. With the menstruation before the menstruation planned for transfer, a contact is made with our nurse and the menstrual day is reported and the birth control pill is started. When the expected menstruation arrives after the control pill used for twenty-one days, the appropriate estrogen treatment is started by contacting the nurse and the control day is formed and the travel plan is organized. Our patients come to our center with the endometrium (uterine inner membrane) ready and frozen embryo transfer is applied and they can return to their country the next day. The duration of stay in our country varies according to whether our patients can do a medical examination in their own country or not. If there are doctors who can make the endometrium measurements we want in their own countries, we can shorten this period up to 2 days by contacting them. Patients who do not have this opportunity are accommodated in our country for 5-7 days.

IVF Treatment Travel Planning with Professionals Doctors

If the patients have infertility practice in their countries, they will be consulted with each step of their treatment and travels will be planned for IVF treatment. All kinds of treatment is organized by conducting live or online interviews with the professionals, according to these data, it is possible to plan organizations such as flights, hotels and transfers by calculating the dates required for travel and the length of stay for our patients. In this way, we enjoy cooperating with you with our physicians and patients. For this purpose you can leave message to reach us from whatsapp line at any moment. 

Patients who have been decided which treatment to be administered will contact our center on 2-3. day of Menstruation with the physicians performing vaginal ultrasonography and FSH dose is determined and ovo development is monitored with USG after 5 days, In order to prevent the eggs from developing on the 6th day, antagonist injections are started and 8-9. day, USG is performed again and the day of egg collection is determined and the day of the fracture injection is determined, a travel program is made and the patient comes directly to our center to collect the eggs after 2 days. After 3-5 days, embryo transfer is applied according to embryo development and our couple can return to their countries. In this way, they can shorten the duration of their treatment to 4-6 days. Every stage of this program requires coordination with the professional physician of our patient.

In the same way, frozen embryo transfer can be organized with our own physician. After the basal USG on the 2nd - 3rd day of menstruation,  If there is no problem, estrogen treatment is started, after 7-10 days, the thickness of the endometrium is measured and reported to our center, according to the endmetrium thickness, appropriate protocols are explained to the patient and the transfer date is determined and a travel program is created. 

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