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Diagnosis and Tests of Infertility

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Insemination (IUI)

Egg development, such as oral tablets (Clomiphene, letrozole) or needles containing subcutaneous FSH or HMG, which provides egg development for 1-3 weeks starting on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation, is given by intermittent ultrasonography.

Genetic Test Applications

Genetic test applications are an option that can provide our patients with the health of their embryos as well as having a successful pregnancy chance with IVF treatment. All genetic examination applications before embryo transfer

eSet and Embryo Classification

In vitro fertilization, elective single embryo transfer is a method to avoid multiple pregnancy risks without reducing the chance of pregnancy. Elective transfer, ie selected embryos, can be applied in the presence of a large number of good quality embryo

Protection of Fertility

Egg Ice Cream, Sperm Ice Cream and Storage, Embryo Ice Cream

Male Infertility Treatments

Both spouses with non-conception should be investigated extensively. At least 0-50 of couples without children have males. Sperm test is done by taking the sample obtained by masturbation. For this test, the male will be

Endoscopic Surgery

Hysteroscope, Laparoscopy