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IVF Treatment (IVF)

The first pregnancy was provided by the IVF method in 1976 and resulted in ectopic pregnancy. Then, the first healthy pregnancy was born in 1978 with IVF.

Natural (Natural) IVF / Mini IVF

Mini IVF, also known as IVF with minimal stimulation, is a kind of IVF with little or no medication to reproduce and develop eggs.

Microinjection (ICSI)

In vitro fertilization of eggs and sperm cells occurs in two different ways: conventional IVF or microinjection. In conventional IVF technique, a certain amount of egg cells are put together and the fertilization itself

IVF Nurse

For infertile couples, nurses are a connection of dreams of becoming a family. During the treatment process, the main health personnel that the couples will communicate with are the nurses and the coordination of the various stages of the treatment and th

Drugs Used in IVF Treatment

The correct use of the patient's medications during the treatment process positively affects the success of the treatment. In their natural months, women develop and lay an egg each month. The goal of IVF treatment is to obtain a large number of follicles