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SSI Support

SSI Support

SSI Support

How can I benefit from Social Insurance (SSI) for IVF Treatment?

SGK IVF treatment is one of the health services that can be received as state support. However, there are general conditions for using this state support. As stated in Article 63 of Law No. 4410, there is a decision to provide financing for reproductive treatments. Necessary requirements are included in the health application communiqué of the same law. The in vitro fertilization expenses paid by the SSI support according to the constantly renewed regulations. All 4A, 4B and 4C insurance holders under the SSI are getting free IVF treatment with the report.


In order to benefit from SSI in IVF treatments;

  • Being married
  • To be older than 23 years of age and less than 40 years of age (for females)
  • Not having children from their current marriage
  • One of both spouses must have at least 5 years SSI and have at least 900 premium days
  • Not having any disease that prevents pregnancy
  • It is necessary to get a Committee Report.

Where can I get the Committee Report for IVF treatment?

You can obtain it from Third level (University Hospitals, Training and Research Hospitals).

What are the medical conditions required for the Committee Report?

  • Male sperm test total number of advanced motile sperm less than 5 million (three times sperm test with at least 15 days intervals is required)
  • Sperm test with zero sperm count (Azoospermia)
  • In women, determination by surgery (open or closed) that both tubes are blocked
  • Hormonal and ovulation problems that do not respond to standard treatment
  • To have weak ovaries and low working ovarian reserves
  • If the patients with obstructive infertility problems do not comply with any of the above conditions and have not been able to obtain pregnancy in the fertilization treatment with injection treatment (not with pills such as clomiphene) at least 2 times in the institutions contracted with SSI in the last 3 years and that this is documented (For this conditional committee report, at least 3 years of marriage is required.)
  • at least one of the conditions are required.

Is the Committee Report valid in every hospital?

In order to benefit from SSI with the Committee Report in IVF treatments, you must make your treatment in a hospital that has an agreement with SSI.


How many times does SSI meet IVF treatment?

When the necessary conditions are met, you have the right to get IVF treatment 3 times.

Should I get a Committee Report for each IVF treatment attempt?

Yes. A new committee report should be issued for each trial

How long is the Committee Report valid?

The issued report is valid for 1 month for the drug and 6 months for the treatment. If it is not used within this period, a committee report should be issued again.

Can I take all my IVF drugs with the Committee Report?

  • You can buy your medicines with a share.
  • Although there is a dose limitation of the drugs that can be taken with the committee report, these doses are sufficient for most modern treatment methods accepted today.

Can I benefit from SSI for IVF treatment for stem cell donor sister birth?

  • If the treatment of this child is not possible by other medical methods, you can benefit from SSI in the treatment of in vitro fertilization of the stem cell (bone marrow) donor by screening with PGT (preimplantation genetic diagnosis).

For this, the medical committee report of the genetic specialist organized in the name of the sick child from the tertiary hospitals with the bone marrow transplantation center is required.