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Ovarian Rejuvenation with PRP

Ovarian Rejuvenation with PRP

Today, the age of having children is increasing upwards due to socio-cultural reasons. As the age progresses, the number and quality decrease, so the chance of conception decreases and the risk of miscarriage increases. Even in this case, the chance of pregnancy decreases even with IVF treatments. For this reason, new scientific attempts and experiments have been started to renew the ovarian tissue recently and it has been aimed to obtain better quality ovos and get successful results in advanced ages.

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) is a completely natural blood product containing platelet and high concentration growth factors obtained from the patient's own blood. These factors play an important role in the regeneration, healing and vascularization of the cells. Therefore, it is used for increasing the reduced ovarian reserve. For PRP, 150 mL of blood is first drawn from the patient and PRP is prepared in the laboratory, then under general anesthesia, this fluid is injected into the patient's ovaries under ultrasound or laparoscopy. Then, monthly AMH, FSH, E2 levels can be examined and evidence of ovarian renewal can be sought. If AMH rises, FSH and E2 decrease, you may have the benefit of PRP.

Since this process has just started in the world, there is not much data about the success of the process. Studies showed the presence of stem cells in the ovaries. Growth factors within PRP are thought to have a chance to activate these stem cells. There are publications claiming pregnancy in women who have never had menstruation. 

As a result, ovarian rejuvenation with PRP may be an option for patients with low chance of success, depletion of ovo reserves, advanced age, who have tried several times before but could not develop ovos.