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Natural (Natural) IVF / Mini IVF

Natural IVF/Mini IVF

Natural IVF treatment gives you the chance to get the best quality embryo using very little medication.

Mini IVF, Natural IVF treatment, also known as IVF, made with minimal stimulation, is a type of IVF that uses little or no medication to reproduce and develop eggs. In standard IVF treatments, hormone injections are performed for 8-10 days to replicate ovos. In natural IVF, these drugs are not used. Instead, a combination of oral tablets and very low dose hormone injections is used. The natural IVF allows the best quality ovos to be produced using the least amount of medicine. Of course, patients who prefer this method will have fewer ovos. 

When to apply Natural IVF?

The natural IVF method is suitable for patients who do not want to inject too much hormone to produce ovos and who want to rely on the natural course of their body. It can also be used by those who has not standard IVF or have failed with the standard IVF method in the past. Natural IVF is more suitable for women of advanced age and for patients with low ovo reserve.

Other stages of Natural IVF Treatment are no different from standard IVF. The physician will collect the developing ovos and the embryos that are fertilized and developed in the laboratory will be placed in the uterus.