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IVF Nurse

The Role of Nurse in IVF Treatment

Infertility is not a disease but a health problem. Therefore, the infertility nurse is primarily concerned with gaining the desire, power and knowledge they need to cope with the psychosocial situation in which they live, and not with life-threatening health problems.

For infertile couples, nurses are a connection of dreams of becoming a family. Nurses are the primary health care personnel that the couples will communicate with during the treatment process and have important roles in the coordination of the various stages of the treatment and ensuring the commitment of the couple to the treatment.

Nurses working in the field of infertility perform the roles of practitioner / clinician in all stages of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up from the moment couples present. In this role, nurses evaluate the needs of couples with a holistic perspective in accordance with their medical knowledge, identify problems, decide on care practices, plan and implement them and evaluate the outcome of care using management skills.

In multidisciplinary treatment, it is the duty of the nurse to ensure that the team and the patient are in the right place at the right time, as well as to keep records of treatment outcomes. Their combination expands or narrows depending on the stage of treatment. These stages in which the nurse will take part; information, scientific counseling, planning the treatment cycle in the preliminary interview, support and information in the follow-up of the cycle, oocytes removal, embryo transfer, pregnancy test at the end of the cycle is completed and shared with the couple.

The presence of infertility, the experiences experienced during the diagnosis and treatment of infetility, and, above all, the outcome of the treatment, whether or not they result in pregnancy, are situational crisis factors. The infertility nurse is also knowledgeable and equipped in all stages of the treatment to prevent the crisis and to provide the necessary assistance for the individuals to cope with their crisis.

In Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital IVF Department Nursing Services; we continue to serve our patients with knowledgeable and expressive, cheerful, positive communication with planned nurses to the patients.