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For Our International Patients

For Our International Patients

Provides health services worldwide. With the option of personalized care for special care and exceptional treatments…

To date, our team has successfully completed the treatment of hundreds of patients from many countries. Our dedicated team provides a personalized service to meet your medical needs while taking into consideration your personal preferences, cultural, language and religious expectations/needs. The patient feels at home with Turkish hospitality during the treatment process. 

Gop Hospital aims to help and answer all questions before, during and after treatment for patients.

From the first moment the patients communicate with us, our expert staff makes the necessary communication to evaluate the reports submitted by the patient and to present our opinion.

GOP IVF Center provides the following services for international patients:

  • Communication between patient and physician to get opinions about patient's treatment plan
  • Providing communication for the second opinion and treatment plan.
  • Provide the necessary documents for the patient to benefit from insurance.
  • Assisting the patient in the treatment plan and travel plan. Assisting the necessary procedures to benefit from discounts from some companies such as Turkish Airlines.
  • Organizing the accommodation and transfer upon request of the patient
  • Providing a 24-hour interpreter as long as they are treated at the hospital.
  • Performing hospital admission and discharge procedures.

 Consultation service is provided through Whatsapp for all our patients abroad. Thus, being away is no longer a problem, you can quickly get your opinion from our specialist physicians by sending a short description and tests that explain your situation and program your treatment. You can also make a direct video or live connection. You will be provided with the interpreter you need.

Infertility and IVF Tourism

IVF tourism is a kind of health tourism. IVF tourism is a journey of hope for couples who come from other cities in Turkey or abroad to crown their families with a baby or to expand their families. Some of the patients want to try treatment options in centers with more advanced technology and more experienced doctors than their region or country. Although travels for this purpose have increased considerably today, patients still have many questions and even concerns about travel support, price, treatment contents. Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Faculty of Medicine Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital IVF Center helps our patients to answer all their questions about infertility and IVF tourism and make the right decision for them.

Istanbul, Turkey's largest and most advanced city, is at the center position of the world, is a unique city adorned with the works of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, which are the biggest empires in the world, with a unique geographical location that connects Europe and Asia, and 400 thousand years of human history. In addition to its richness in tourism, it shares the richness it possesses with health tourism with the whole world as it has advanced technology and experienced staff in the field of health. It is the country of choice in the world thanks to our advanced modern centers with doctors who meet the most advanced world standards and even more in terms of infertility and IVF treatments.

We are happy to make patients have a baby in many countries of the world. From countries of Asia such as Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, England, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Libya African countries such as Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burkino Faso, and North America, including the United States, we have many patients. 

We invite you to learn how to combine both your travel and your IVF treatment. For more detailed information, you can reach us by message on our Whatsapp hotline, you can learn your personal travel and treatment plans when you submit your short resumes and tests. Leave a note through whatsapp or e-mail for the consultation and we will provide you with an online information appointment by providing the translator you need.

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