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Estimation of Fertility Potential

Estimation of Fertility Potential

A woman's reproductive potential decreases with age. Therefore, the chance of pregnancy decreases and the risk of miscarriage increases. Although fertility (the ability to provide pregnancy resulting in live birth) decreases with age in all women, the age at which one cannot conceive varies among individuals. One-third of couples in which women over 35 years of age have fertility problems. It is estimated that two thirds of women older than 40 cannot become pregnant spontaneously. We use several tests to assess fertility potential in older patients. 

  1. On 3rd day of menstruation FSH, E2 (Estradiol) Level tests: Levels of these hormones in blood are used to estimate fertility potential in women. On 3rd day of menstruation The test performed shows that women with high FSH and/or E2 levels have a very low chance of pregnancy even with IVF treatment.
  2. AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone): It can be looked at any day of menstruation. It is used to estimate ovarian reserve and to predict that woman's response to ovulation medications in IVF treatments. As the AMH level decreases, the number of ovos that will develop will decrease.
  3. Ovarian response to gonadotropin injections: During IVF treatments, only injections of FSH or FSH and LH hormones are used, called gonadotropin, to develop ovos. If a very high dose of gonadotropin is needed to develop ovos, the chances of pregnancy in IVF treatments decrease at that rate.

Although the above tests guide us to estimate the fertility potential of a woman, a simple gynecological ultrasonography provides valuable information on the number of ovo sacs that we call the number of Antral Follicles in the ovaries. If anthral follicle count (AFS) is decreased in women, the number of ovos that will develop during IVF treatment will decrease and the chances of pregnancy will be low. This method is more practical, more useful, accurate and faster than other tests. The only disadvantage of this method is that it must be performed by experienced IVF specialists. Together, AFS and AMH can give us detailed information about fertility.

In our center, using these two methods, ovo reserve is evaluated and ovo freezing and embryo freezing methods are recommended to women who have low ovo reserve to protect their fertility.